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Psychological testing, neuropsychological testing and psychotherapy services are billed at a rate of $180/hour for outpatient or hospital-based services.  Based on this rate, a more specific list of fees and procedure codes is offered below.

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We will submit your charges for insurance reimbursement.  More often than not, we do not have access to information regarding your deductible or copayment structure.  This can vary substantially from one policy to the next.

Forensic psychological and neuropsychological assessment are also charged at $180/hr.  Based on our review of the case and a final agreement to accept the case, we will provide an out-of-pocket fee.  Payment for those services is required prior to the initial interview and initiation of testing.

If you do not have insurance and will be paying out-of-pocket or if you have insurance and choose not to submit your insurance, we will assist by offering a good faith estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses.  If you are paying out-of-pocket for clinical neuropsychological or psychological testing, we will offer an estimate of your total charge prior to your initial appointment.  If you are receiving psychotherapy services, we will offer an estimate of monthly and annual out-of-pocket expenses after your initial diagnostic interview.  It is important to understand that this represents our best estimate of expenses and that variations can occur if there are changes in your clinical needs.  If such needs change and affect your out-of-pocket expenses substantially, we will re-review your fee estimate.  Legally you have the right to dispute charges when your annual bill exceeds the estimated costs by a factor of $400.


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